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Pay Stub Abbreviations are the abbreviations that you come across on any pay stub. Payroll companies abbreviate the information that is printed on your pay stub to reduce it and make it easier for them to fit a lot of information on a single sheet of paper.

Some payroll companies use their own set of these abbreviations while some don’t. In this article will cover pay stubs abbreviations from all major payroll companies like ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, Ariba, E-Verify and Paycom.

The intention of this article is to provide general information about payroll abbreviations and how to understand your pay stub.

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Table of Contents

  • How to Understand Pay Stub Abbreviations?
  • Pay Stub Abbreviations commonly used by all major payroll companies:
    • General Pay Stub Abbreviations
    • Income Pay Stub Abbreviations
    • Pre-Tax Deductions Pay Stub Abbreviations
    • Tax Pay Stub Abbreviations
    • After-Tax Deductions – Pay Stub Abbreviations
    • Other Pay Stub Abbreviations
  • Why Pay Stubs are important?
  • What if you don’t understand the abbreviations?
  • Final Thoughts

How to Understand Pay Stub Abbreviations?

Some company usually imposes its own set of pay stub abbreviations to make it easier for employees to understand.

Sometimes it is too difficult for employees to remember all the abbreviations – that’s why we have compiled this information.

Pay Stub Abbreviations commonly used by all major payroll companies:

General Pay Stub Abbreviations

Here are some of the general pay stub abbreviations that you will run into on any pay stub.

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  • EN: Employee Name: The name of the Employee.
  • SSN: Social security number: The Employee’s social security number.
  • EID: Employee ID number: A company specific employee identification number.
  • YTD: Year to date: The amount of earnings or deductions accumulated from the beginning of the year.

Income Pay Stub Abbreviations

The following are abbreviations related to income:

  • SLRY: Salary: The amount the employee gets paid for the given pay period.
  • HR: Hourly Rate: The employees’ hourly rate. If the employee is hired at $10 per hour, the employee will get paid $10 per every hour worked.
  • HRS: Hours: Total hours the employee worked during the given pay period.
  • REG: Reg Pay: Regular Earnings for work performed during a given pay period.
  • SI: Supplemental Income: Additional income separate from the normal salary.
  • OT: Overtime: Overtime pay is generally defined as one and a half times the employee’s normal salary rate.
  • OT@1.5: Overtime rate of one and a half times the employee’s normal salary rate.
  • OT@2: Overtime rate of two times the employee’s normal salary rate.
  • PTO: Personal time off or paid time off

Pre-Tax Deductions Pay Stub Abbreviations

Pre-tax deductions are deductions that reduce your taxable income. They are deductions that are taken out from your income before the tax is calculated. Often, pre-tax deductions result in less taxes being calculated.

Keep in mind, federal and state regulations often change rules regarding pre-tax deductions. Therefore, consult your local tax professional.

The following are common pre-tax deduction abbreviations:

  • 401k/Ret: 401k or retirement withholdings
  • DCR: Dependent care reimbursement
  • Den/Dental: Dental premium
  • INS/MED: Insurance or medical insurance deductions
  • FSA: Flexible spending account
  • HCR: Health care reimbursement
  • HSA: Health saving account
  • LTD: Long term disability withholding
  • STD: Short term disability withholding
  • VIS/Vision: Vision premium

Tax Pay Stub Abbreviations

There are several different taxes typically displayed and taken out of your pay stubs.These taxes depend on your state and locality.

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Here are common tax abbreviations:

  • FED Tax: Federal income tax withheld.
  • FICA: Federal Insurance Contributions Act: The law that guarantees that employees and employers contribute to Social Security and Medicare. It is also known as Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA).
  • FICA / MT: Medicare: A Medicare Tax; typically, 1.45% of taxable income.
  • FICA / SS: Social Security: Social Security Tax; 6.2% of taxable income up to a certain limit depending on tax year.
  • FUTA: Federal Unemployment Tax: FUTA tax is basically a federal payroll tax that is used to match state unemployment funds. It is relevant to employers that pay wages subject to unemployment payroll taxes.
  • ST: State income tax withheld. The State tax may be abbreviated to the abbreviation of the state. (ex. CA Tax, FL Tax, etc.)
  • SUI: SUI is State Unemployment Insurance; The amount depends on the tax year and other factors. Also, the amount withheld from your wages may vary based on how much you pay into your state’s unemployment insurance program.
  • OASDI: OASDI stands for Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance.
  • Local Taxes: These are the other types of taxes that an employer may withhold. These are not common in all states.

After-Tax Deductions – Pay Stub Abbreviations

After Tax deduction are deductions taken out after tax is calculated. Therefore, after tax deductions don’t affect your tax amounts.

The following are common after-tax deduction abbreviations:

  • Bankrpty: Bankruptcy
  • CHD SU: Child support
  • Garn: Garnishment flat rate
  • Garn %: Garnishment percentage
  • StdnLoan: Student loan
  • TX Levy: Tax levy
  • IRS Levy: Internal Revenue Servicelevy
  • R401: Roth 401(k) contributions
  • ESPP: Employer-sponsored pension plans
  • C529: 529 college savings plans
  • UD: Union dues
  • DSB: Disability and certain life insurance policies
  • CC: Charitable contributions
  • VIS/Vision: Vision premium

Other Pay Stub Abbreviations

The following is an accumulated list of all pay stub abbreviations:

401k / Ret401k or retirement withholdings
ACRAcctRecv: Accounts Receivable
ACTAct Pay: Acting Pay
ADCDCSA: Dependent Care Spending Acct
ADDAdd Pay: Additional Pay
Add PayAdditional pay
ADMAdm Lv: Administrative Leave
AHCHCSA: Health Care Spending Account
BBCBen Bank: Benefit Bank Cash
BLFBasLife: Basic Life Insurance
BREBereavmt: Bereavement – Exempt
BRNBereavmt: Bereavement – Non-Exempt
CHD SUChild support
Check No.Check Number:
Cmp PyotCompensatory timepayout
CNT PayContract pay salary
COBCOBRA: COBRA – Spouse/Child After-Tax
CPLCompLoan: Computer Loan
CPOCmp Pyot: Comp Time Payout
CPTCmp Take: Comp Time Taken
CRECourt EX: Court/Subpoena Exempt
CRFCRF: Center for Responsible Funding
CRTCourt NE: Court/Subpoena NonEx
CVAConvAdv: Conversion Advance
DCRDependent care reimbursement
Den / DentalDental premium
DEPDenDomPart: Dental Domestic Partner
DOKDock Pay: Dock Pay
DPCDomPart: Domestic Partner Cash
EICEarn Inc: Earned Income Credit
EINEmployee identification number (similar to your social security number):
ERPERTaxPre: Early Retirement Tax Prepaid
ERTERTaxabl: Early Retirement Taxable
FAJFac Adj: Faculty Adjustment to Pay
Fed / FWT / FIT / FITWThese are abbreviations used for “federal tax withholding.”
FICAMed FICA stands for the “Federal Insurance Contributions Act” and Med stands for “Medicare.” This is the Medicare contribution that you pay at 1.45%.
FICAThis stands for “Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Social Security.” It is the mandatory social security that you’ll pay. It varies by year.
FIMFICA Med: FICA Medicare
FIOFICA SS: FICA Old Age Social Security
FMLFMLA: Family/Medical Leave w/o Pay
FMLAFamily and Medical Leave Act
FSAFlexible spending account
FSSFSumSal: Faculty Summer Salary
GarnGarnishment flat rate
Garn %Garnishment percentage
GFCGiftCert: Gift Certificate
GIFSwatGift: Gift To Swarthmore College
GrossEarnings before taxes and deductions
HCRHealth care reimbursement
HOLHoliday: Holiday Pay
HRHourly Rate: The employees’ hourly rate. If the employee is hired at $10 per hour, the employee will get paid $10 per every hour worked.
HRFHI Refnd: Health Ins Premium Refund
HRSHours: Total hours the employee worked during the given pay period.
HSAHealth saving account
IMPImpt Inc: Imputed Income
INS / MEDInsurance or medical insurance deductions
IRS LevyInternal Revenue Servicelevy
JDEJuryDuty: Jury Duty – Exempt
JDNJuryDuty: Jury Duty – Non-Exempt
JuryJury duty pay
LFFLV FP/FB: Leave Full Pay + Full Benefits
LMGLandMtg: Land Mortgage
LNLoan: Loan
LNNLV NP/NB: Leave No Pay + No Benefits
LNPLV NP/PB: Leave No Pay + Part Benefits
Local TaxHere is where you’ll find local or city tax withholdings.
LPPLV PP/PB: Leave Part Pay + Part Benefits
LSTLocSerTx: Local Services Tax
LTCLongTerm: Long Term Care
LTDLTD: Long Term Disability
LTDLong term disability withholding
LTELTDTopUp: LTD Top-Up Sick Pay-Exempt
LTULTDTopUp: LTD Top-Up Sick Pay-Hourly
LTXLTDTxbl: LTD Taxable Premium
MEDMedical: Medical Premium
MEPMedDomPart: Medical Domestic Partner
MiscMiscellaneous pay (pay they don’t have a code for)
MLKMLK Hol: Martin Luther King Holiday
Move RemMove reimbursement
MSCMisc: Miscellaneous
MTGMortgage: Mortgage Payment
MTXMove Rem: Move Reimburse Taxable
MVGMovgExp: NonTaxable Moving Expense Reim
NetEarnings after taxes and deductions
OnCallOn Call Pay
OTOT@1.5: Overtime @ 1.5 X Reg
OT@1.5Overtime pay (at 1.5 times your regular pay rate)
OT@2Overtime pay (at 2 times your regular pay rate)
PCNPhil NR: Phila Non-Resident Wage Tax
PCRPhil Res: Phila Resident Wage Tax
PHEEdu WA: Higher Ed Wage Attachment
PTLParentPy: Parental Leave Pay
PTOPersonal time off or paid time off
PTXPrtnrMed: Same Sex Partner Med Reimburse
R4TRet457T: Retirement 457 – TIAA/CREF
R4VRet457V: Retirement 457 – Vanguard
RACRetAddlC: Retirement Addl – Calvert
RATRetAddlT: Retirement Addl – TIAA/CREF
RAVRetAddlV: Retirement Addl – Vanguard
REGReg Pay: Regular Earnings
REHFacERHlt: Faculty Early Retiree Health
RNMRent-Mgw: Rent – Morganwood Only
RNTRent: Rent Payment
RSCRetSRACA: Retirement SRA – Calvert
RSVRetSRAVA: Retirement SRA – Vanguard
RTCRetireCA: Retirement Plan – Calvert
RTTRetireTC: Retirement Plan – TIAA/CREF
RTVRetireVA: Retirement Plan – Vanguard
RTXRent Sub: Rent Subsidy N/C Taxable
SAJStaffAdj: Staff Adjustment to Pay
SAVSalAdv: Salary Advance
SCESick: Sick Pay – Exempt
SCFSCP Full: Salary Continuation Full 100%
SCLSC Part: Salary Continuation Exempt-75%
SCPSC Part: Salary Continuation Part @ 75%
SCSSC Ext: Salary Continuation Part @ 60%
SeverancSeverance pay
SISupplemental Income: Additional income separate from the normal salary.
SICSick: Sick Pay
SickSick pay
SignOnSign on Bonus Pay
SLRYSalary: The amount the employee gets paid for the given pay period.
SMDMD ST TX: Maryland State Tax
SNJNJ ST TX: New Jersey State Tax
SOHOH ST TX: Ohio State Tax
SPAPA St Tx: Pennsylvania State Tax
SSNSocial Security Number:
ST Tax / SWT / SIT / SITWThese abbreviations are used for the “state tax withholding.”
STDShort term disability withholding
StdnLoanStudent loan
SVAVA ST TX: Virginia State Tax
SVFSV-Full: Severance/Full Salary Exempt
SVHSV-Half: Severance/Half Salary Exempt
SVNSeverance: Severance/Non-Exempt
TPSTPSick: Third-Party Sick Non-Taxable
TPTTPSick: Third-Party Sick Taxable
TRNTranChek: Transit Check Plan
TUITuiReimb: Tuition Reimbursement
TuiReimbTuition reimbursement
TX LevyTax levy
UNWUnitdWay: United Way
UPAPA SUI: PA State Unemployment EE
VACVacation: Vacation Pay
VacVacation pay
VCEVacation: Vacation Pay – Exempt
VIPVisDomPart: Vision Domestic Partner
VISVision: Vision Premium
VIS / VisionVision premium
VPTVP Other: Vacation Payout – Term LTD Other
WA1WageAttm: Wage Attachment-Every Pay
WA2WageAttm: Wage Attachment 1 & 2 Only
WA3WageAttm: Wage Attachment % of Gross
YTDYear to date earnings

Why Pay Stubs are important?

Pay stubs are important for employees because it has your earned income and taxes deducted from your paycheck which helps you get your final net pay. Many people use pay stubs to verity their income for a house, apartment, car, or loan.


What if you don’t understand the abbreviations?

If any of the information on your paystub seems incorrect or you don’t understand, you can contact your payroll department and have them correct it or explain it to you.Conversely, you can go down to Human Resources directly.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed pay stub abbreviations are generally used by most payroll companies. You may also be able find more resources in your employee handbooks or HR department.

In this article we discussed the most commonly abbreviated information seen on paystubs; However, keep in mind that rules, regulations, and laws change frequently for different employers and occupations. In other words, there are some specific paystub abbreviations that are company dependent.

If you need pay stubs to verify your income for a home, car, or loan, check out our pay stub generator. You can generate your pay stubs in 30 seconds or less!


What do the abbreviations on my paystub mean? ›

FED, FIT, or FWT: Federal income tax withholding. State, SIT, or SWT: State income tax withholding. FICA: FICA taxes paid for Medicare and Social Security. YTD: Year-to-date. MED: Insurance deductions for health, vision, or dental insurance.

What is payroll codes? ›

Pay codes are the types of pay you are earning (work, on-call, stand-by) or using (vacation, sick, comp) for the hours entered on the timesheet.

What is the best free check stub maker? ›

Paystubsnow is the best pay stub generator and we make it easy to generate paystubs. Whether you're applying for a credit card or a home loan, you'll need to show proof of income, and paystub makers like ours can help.

What are deduction codes? ›

A deduction code is used to process payroll (after-tax) deductions or (before-tax) reductions, to make vendor payments, and to record proper accounting entries.

How can I read my pay stub? ›

Your pay stub contains three main sections: how much you are being paid, the taxes you are paying, and any other deductions that are being made. Pay attention to your gross, year-to-date, and net earnings. The deductions that relate to taxes are generally the most confusing, particularly those related to FICA.

What does employer C mean on a pay stub? ›

C=Certificated Employee. N=Classified Employee. (H) PAYROLL TAX DEDUCTIONS.

What are employer codes? ›

An employer code of conduct outlines the company policy with regard to situations that put the company at risk in ethical matters. In addition, it details expected behavior to encourage employees to devote their on-the-clock hours to company business and information on how to properly treat the company's customers.

What is a number that identifies the employer on all payroll forms? ›

An employer identification number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS. It's used to identify the tax accounts of employers and certain others who have no employees. The IRS uses the number to identify taxpayers who are required to file various business tax returns.

How do you find employer code? ›

The best place to look your employer's EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax ID is in Box b of your W-2 form. Look for a 9-digit number with a dash separating the second and third digit (NN-NNNNNNN). It's usually right above your employer's name or below their address.

Is there a software to detect fake paystubs? ›

Spot Fake Paystubs Quickly with Snappt

Within 24 hours, Snappt certifies whether the documentation is fraudulent or authentic.

What app can edit pay stubs? ›

123PayStubs is a professional pay stub generator with tax-filing capabilities designed to be utilized by employers, sole proprietors, and self-employed individuals. File Tax Forms (Currently Supporting Form W-2, 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, 940, 941 and 941-X):

What are the 5 mandatory deductions from your paycheck? ›

Mandatory Payroll Tax Deductions
  • Federal income tax withholding.
  • Social Security & Medicare taxes – also known as FICA taxes.
  • State income tax withholding.
  • Local tax withholdings such as city or county taxes, state disability or unemployment insurance.
  • Court ordered child support payments.

What does ER mean on a payslip? ›

'ER' means it is paid for you, by your employer. PRSI total. This is the total, combined amount of 'Pay Related Social Insurance' paid by you and your employer.

What are the 3 mandatory deductions? ›

Mandatory deductions: Federal and state income tax, FICA taxes, and wage garnishments.

What is SMS on federal income tax? ›

SMS means you have taken 8 hours sick monthly subtract. This type of leave deduction occurs when there was an adjustment or correction made as a deduction from your sick leave balance which occurred after the payroll process.

What does FTD mean on a paystub? ›

Federal Tax Deposits (FTDs) for Form 941 are made up of withholding taxes or trust funds (income tax and Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes, which are Social Security and Medicare held in trust), that are actually part of your employee's wages, along with the employer's share of FICA.

What is OTP on paycheck? ›

➢ Description of Service (DOS) Code. A three character code used to identify a payment to an employee such as Regular pay (REG) or Overtime Premium (OTP).

What is FWT and SWT? ›

There are two types of withholding taxes that appear on a pay stub: federal (FWT) and state (SWT). Federal withholding tax (FWT) is based on the amount you earn and it is deducted from your paycheck regularly. Upon employment, you are required to fill out a W-4 form.

What are the 4 employee codes? ›

The four labour codes — the Code on Wages, Industrial Relations Code, Social Security Code and the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code — are set to replace 29 labour laws.

What is Walmart employer code? ›

What is Walmart employer code for Paystub portal? Wal-Mart Company code = 10108 Page 2 2.

What are the 5 codes of conduct? ›

An employer's employee handbook may include several sorts of codes of conduct, including these five principles:
  • integrity.
  • objectivity.
  • competence.
  • confidentiality.
  • professionalism.
Nov 11, 2022

What are employee payroll numbers? ›

1. A payroll number is a unique and important identifier that enables a company's payroll department to identify them as an earner. 2. A payroll number is a unique series of numbers and/or letters which an employer assigns to each individual employee to correctly identify them and ensure they are paid correctly. 3.

What FICA means? ›

FICA is a U.S. federal payroll tax. It stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act and is deducted from each paycheck.

What are other names for employer identification number? ›

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. Generally, businesses need an EIN. You may apply for an EIN in various ways, and now you may apply online.

How do I verify an employee number? ›

The Work Number® Access Options for Verifiers:
  1. Option a)
  2. Option b) 1-800-367-5690.
Apr 21, 2023

How do I verify employment with my work number? ›

Those requesting employment or salary verification may access THE WORK NUMBER® online at using DOL's code: 10915. You may also contact the service directly via phone at: 1-800-367-5690.

How do lenders verify pay stubs? ›

Mortgage lenders verify employment by contacting employers directly and requesting income information and related documentation. Most lenders only require verbal confirmation, but some will seek email or fax verification. Lenders can verify self-employment income by obtaining tax return transcripts from the IRS.

Can you make fake ADP pay stubs? ›

An ADP fake pay stub copy is a document that emulates a legitimate ADP Pay Stub, but is not actually issued by ADP or an employer. So you can generate Pay Stub copies with our tool for no specific purpose, like all novelty items.

How much do fake paystubs cost? ›

Unfortunately, creating a fake pay stub takes about one minute and costs around five dollars. These pay stubs look legitimate and are nearly indistinguishable from a real pay stub – but there are red flags all landlords and property managers should know.

Do all paystubs look the same? ›

The overall structure of a check stub varies depending on the company, but they should all share the same details. If you receive a pay stub that is missing key information, such as the employer or the person's job title, then you may need to do additional research to confirm the information is accurate.

How do I forge a pay stub? ›

How to Make Fake Pay Stubs
  1. Dollar Amounts Should be Exact. ...
  2. Review and Proofread the Pay Stub. ...
  3. Don't Leave Out Important Information. ...
  4. Use a Professional Program. ...
  5. How to Tell if the Program is Legitimate. ...
  6. This Shouldn't be a One Time Thing. ...
  7. Know How Long to Keep Paystubs on Hand. ...
  8. And How to Safely Throw Them Out.
Aug 9, 2018

What is the best check stub editor? ›

Best pay stub generators for quick and professional pay stubs
  • Shopify pay stub generator. ...
  • Wix Pay Stub Generator. ...
  • Wave Financial pay stub generator. ...
  • ClickFunnels Paystub Maker Tool. ...
  • 123 PayStubs. ...
  • Form Pros Pay Stub Maker. ...
  • ThePayStubs.
Oct 5, 2022

Can I make my own pay stub? ›

Start Making Pay Stubs Today

While many numbers are involved, you can quickly produce one by looking into how much you need to deduct. You'll already know your gross pay, so you'll need to calculate the deductions and net pay. Start making pay stubs by using a spreadsheet program or a paystub maker on the internet.

Can I Photoshop my paystubs? ›

Ways Fake Pay Stubs may be Created at Home

With an easily downloaded pay check template (and the Internet is rife with them), a program such as Photoshop and some graphic design talent, it's easy to create a pay stub out of thin air, or alter an existing pay stub to match any income requirements.

What are 3 common payroll deductions? ›

Click to jump to any of the common types of payroll withholdings covered in this article:
  • Federal Income Tax.
  • State Income Tax.
  • Social Security (FICA)
  • Medicare Tax (FICA)
  • Insurance Policies.
  • Retirement.

What does allotment SV mean on a pay stub? ›

ALLOTMENT,SV. 1=personal allotment you requested. If more than one allotment they are numbered accordingly. BOND. Withholding for your savings bond election.

Which 2 deductions are mandatory and involuntary? ›

Involuntary (mandatory) deductions: taxes, garnishments, and fines.

What does employee abbreviation EE mean? ›

EE – Employee. EEO – Equal Employment Opportunity. EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. EO – Executive Order.

What is the tax code 1257L? ›

Tax code 1257L

The most common tax code for tax year 2023 to 2024 is 1257L. It's used for most people with one job and no untaxed income, unpaid tax or taxable benefits (for example a company car). 1257L is an emergency tax code only if followed by 'W1', 'M1' or 'X'.

What does the acronym ER stand for in HR? ›

Employee relations is a subfunction or department that is usually within the HR or legal function of an organization.

What important information is available on a pay stub? ›

What Information Is Available On A Paystub? A paycheck stub summarizes how your total earnings were distributed. The information on a paystub includes how much was paid on your behalf in taxes, how much was deducted for benefits, and the total amount that was paid to you after taxes and deductions were taken.

Do I claim 0 or 1 on my w4? ›

By placing a “0” on line 5, you are indicating that you want the most amount of tax taken out of your pay each pay period. If you wish to claim 1 for yourself instead, then less tax is taken out of your pay each pay period.

Is Social Security a mandatory deduction? ›

If you work as an employee in the United States, you must pay social security and Medicare taxes in most cases. Your payments of these taxes contribute to your coverage under the U.S. social security system. Your employer deducts these taxes from each wage payment.

What are the tax abbreviations on paychecks? ›

FED, FIT or FITW: Federal income taxes. STATE, SIT or SITW: State income taxes. OASDI, FICA, SS or SOCSEC: Social Security payments. MED: Medicare taxes.

What are the abbreviations for transaction? ›

TXN, abbreviation for transaction (disambiguation)

What does SMS mean on my pay stub? ›

What does 8 Sick Monthly Subtract (SMS) mean as shown on my check stub? SMS means you have taken 8 hours sick monthly subtract. This type of leave deduction occurs when there was an adjustment or correction made as a deduction from your sick leave balance which occurred after the payroll process. Examples: a.)

What are the three main types of taxes that are shown on a paystub? ›

In addition to withholding federal and state taxes (such as income tax and payroll taxes), other deductions may be taken from an employee's paycheck and some can be withheld from your gross income. These are known as “pretax deductions” and include contributions to retirement accounts and some health care costs.

What does TN stand for on a pay stub? ›

Total Taxes: Sum of Federal and State with. holdings. Total Deductions: Sum of before-tax and. after tax deductions. Net Pay: The total amount disbursed to.

What are your abbreviations? ›

One of the common abbreviations of 'your' is UR. For example: 'What are ur plans? ' (meaning: What are your plans?) Remember, this is informal and is not used in professional situations. Helpful(2)

What is the abbreviation for explanation of payment? ›

Your Explanation of Payment (EOP) provides important information regarding the adjudication of your claims.

What does MS SMS mean? ›

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. It's a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones.

What are verification codes from text messages? ›

SMS text verification lets websites, apps, banks, and social networks double-check the identity of a user. After entering your username and password, companies will send an SMS verification number to your smartphone. Use that number to complete your login. That's SMS verification.

What does J mean on federal tax withholding? ›

Use Schedule J (Form 1040) to elect to figure your income tax by averaging, over the previous 3 years (base years), all or part of your taxable income from your trade or business of farming or fishing.

What are the 4 employer payroll taxes? ›

Employer payroll taxes are the portion of payroll taxes companies are responsible for, including Social Security tax, Medicare tax, federal unemployment tax, and state unemployment tax.

What are the basic payroll withholdings? ›

Employers are required by law to withhold employment taxes from their employees. Employment taxes include federal income tax withholding and Social Security and Medicare Taxes.


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