2007 Welker Overhead Cake Bin BigIron Auctions

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15 TON BIN. HEIGHT 24' 9". WIDTH 9' 6". DIMENSIONS. 765 Cubic feet or 617 BU. 9' 6" Diameter. Skids are 11' 6" 5.5" OD Round extra heavy wall thickness. Standard nine foot overhead clearance. Eleven-foot wide drive thru clearance.

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Cow Country Overhead Cake Bin. The main body of these bins are constructed out of 12 gauge steel. All seams are welded inside and out for strength and to prevent moisture. Legs/Base are made from 6 x 6 x 1/4โ€ณ square tubing; legs are mounted inside the bin for strength and stability and looks. $ 20,729.99 - $ 23,270.99.

25 Ton Overhead Cake Bin

Order your overhead cake bin from us and we can deliver your bulk load cake too. We carry Cow Country Auger-Driven Feeders and Welker and Feed Boss belt-driven cake feeders.. Let us know how we can help your cake feeding operation. Veterinary Supplies. Vaccine guns, needles, OB gloves and wound dressing- we will have you covered for most.

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Specializing in WELKER pickup cake feeders, atv/utv range feeders, and WELKER overhead bulk bins. We also offer a wide variety of livestock handling equipment. Welcome to Welder Manufacturing LLC, Check out our UTV Cake feeders!! (402) 966-2251. Home; Overhead Bins ; Cakers;

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Amber Waves produces grain bins in Western North Dakota. From custom grain bins to overhead cake bins & more, learn about our high-quality products. CALL US: 1-866-859-2193 EMAIL US: [email protected]

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The 30 Ton Bin, features a wide drive through and a standard 9'0" overhead clearance. It has a ground controlled top lid opener and a windsock for the bottom gate. Skids are 11'6" long, 5.5" (OD) Round, extra heavy wall thickness; Full truck-load holding capacities - 15, 30 or 35 tons; 35: 30'8" 12' 1721 Cu. Ft. or 1388 Bu. 12' diameter

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Bolinger Overhead Bulk Feeders.. 30 - TON HOPPER BOTTOM BIN. Our heavy-duty bins are portable and come with a standard 8-foot drive-thru. The 30-TON Bulk Bin can hold 30 ton of shelled corn or 24-26 ton of cake. They are easily filled by standard auger truck and come with two gate options either the standard slide gate or rack & pinion gate.

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Overhead Bin Facts. Empty Bins weigh less than 4 Ton. All bins fall in the under 6500lb range. Roofs are made of 14GA steel. Pits are made of 12 GA steel. The top fill opening is approximately 16" in diameter. The bottom slide exit is approximately 1 Square Foot. Bin legs a made of 6" X 6" X 15# I beam. Bins are vented on the roof, above.

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Wed 7:00am-4:00pm. Thu 7:00am-4:00pm. Fri 7:00am-4:00pm. REQUEST A QUOTE. CLICK HERE. Facebook. Overhead feed bins for cattle, deer, catfish and pretty much any animal that needs feeing. We'll help you cut your overhead and increase your profits.

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Amber Waves produces grain bins in Western North Dakota. From custom grain bins to overhead cake bins & more, learn about our hopper bottom grain bins. CALL US: 1-866-859-2193 EMAIL US: [email protected]

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BULK BINS. Cake Feeders. 28/40 Ton Overhead. Cake Bins. Portable 5000 Lbs. Bins.

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Stainless steel hopper bins; Overhead cake bins; Bin accessories; Learn more about Amber Waves, Inc. Expert service & products for your ag operation. Explore. Home Why Pro Ag Products Equipment News Contact. Contact. 4750 6th Ave SE Aberdeen, SD 57401. 605-225-9221. [email protected]

2007 Welker Overhead Cake Bin BigIron Auctions

Amber Waves. - Overhead Cake Bins. The secret behind our overhead cake bin is simple. We designed and built the bin we wanted for our own ranches. We wanted to be able to operate the slide gate with gloves on and load the cake feeder without getting a face full of dust. We also wanted to be able to see at a glance how much feed we had remaining.

Overhead Cake Bin The Happy Toy Maker

ROUND OVERHEAD FEED BINS. Our round feed bins come in 20, 30, or 35-ton capacities constructed with 10 gauge steel. We also make a 30 ton 3/16" bin, which is our heavy-duty big boy! Our bin capacities were calculated using cattle cubes at 45 lbs/cu ft, so please so be sure to check with your feed distributor to verify weight and capacity needs.

28 & 40 Ton Overhead Cow Country Equipment

call or text 1-918-213-5042. Hello!!! Welcome to our web site. We are a manufacturer of overhead feed bins located about 1 hour North of Tulsa, Oklahoma in Nowata OK. We have been building the best since June 1997. I strive to make a great product at the lowest prices possible.

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Delivery Prices will vary between locations. Nation wide delivery available starting at $8.00 per loaded mile, $800 minimum. Brazos Overhead Feed Bins are built with American Steel and designed with the American rancher in mind. Cut Feed Costs and Improve Profit Margin with a bulk feed bin.

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