Navy Bean and Ham Soup Recipe Southern Food and Fun

Hearty Navy Bean Soup Recipe Taste of Home

Cut bacon into small pieces and fry in skillet. Remove bacon and cook onion in bacon grease until soft. Add bacon and onion to bean mixture and heat until it simmers. Taste for salt and pepper. Remove bay leaves before putting in jars. Fill hot mixture into sterilized jars, filling to within 1" of tops of jars. Pressure can 1 hour at 10 lbs.

Easy Ham and Navy Bean Soup Seasons and Suppers

Bean and Pea Soup Canning Recipes. While canning beans alone is perfectly fine and works well for a quick burrito night, you can also pressure can bean soups. Other legumes work as well, and canning split pea or lentil soups are an easy way to preserve a healthy meal in a jar.

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Soak the dried beans overnight. Soften the onion in a large pot or Dutch oven with a glug of olive oil. Stir in the garlic, thyme, rosemary, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper. Careful not to add too much salt as ham is already pretty salty. Add the soaked beans, ham bone, ham scraps, and about 10 cups of water.

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Wash jars, lids and rings in hot, soapy water. Prepare pressure canner per canner instructions, filling with water. Bring canner to a low simmer. Quick soak beans: Sort and rinse beans. Pot them in a large pot , cover them with water by 3 inches. On high heat, bring them to a boil, boil for 2 minutes, cover, turn off heat and let set 1 hour.

Farm Girl Tails Canning Navy Bean and Ham Soup

Preparing Ham and Bean Soup. If your ham and broth is hot, go. ahead and place about an inch of water in pressure canner and start warming the water up now. This is the hot pack method. If your ham and broth is cold, wait to turn on stove until all jars are filled and ready to be canned. This is the raw pack method.

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Soak white dried Navy Beans in water overnight. Drain Navy Beans and add to soup stock. Add one bay leaf to stock. Add one cup chopped onions. Add Summer Savory to taste (fresh is always best). Simmer all ingredients slowly for approximately 5 hours. Healthy Recipe serves six. Keyword Bean Soup, Soup. Prev Post.

Navy Bean Soup Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen

Quick and easy Navy Bean Soup. This recipe is loaded with flavor and is super easy to bring together. One recipe yielded 30 pints for me. Ingredients:7 cups.

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Instructions. Put the dried beans into a pot and cover with at least 2 inches of water. Cover and let sit overnight. Drain the water from the beans. Put the beans back into the pot. Cover with at least 2 inches of fresh water. Bring the beans to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, chop the veggies and ham.

Navy Bean and Ham Soup Recipe Southern Food and Fun

3/4 cup dry navy beans, 1 tbsp of diced onion, 3 tbsp chopped ham, 1 tbsp diced carrots, 1 tbsp diced celery, 2 rounds of jalapeno peppers (optional), 2 tsp chicken bouillon powder, and 1/4 tsp hickory smoked salt. Fill the remaining jars with water leaving 1″ head space. Wipe edges of jar rims clean, place a sterilized lid on top, and hand.

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Step 4: Add the broth, beans, and herbs to the soup. Cook for 10 minutes. Uncover the cans of navy beans and place their contents in a strainer. Then rinse the beans under running water and wait for them to drain. When the vegetables are well sautéed, add the beans, broth, bay leaf, thyme, and a pinch of pepper.

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Place the beans and 4 cups hot water in a large, heavy pot or Dutch oven. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Boil for 2 minutes, then remove the pot from heat. Cover and let soak for 1 hour. Meanwhile, finely chop 1 medium yellow onion (1 1/2 to 2 cups), 1 large carrot (1/2 cup), and 1 medium celery stalk (1/2 cup).

Farm Girl Tails Canning Navy Bean and Ham Soup

Directions: Rinse beans. Cover them with cold water; soak 12 to 18 hours in a cool place. Place the required number of clean 500 ml or 1 L mason jars on rack in pressure canner; add water and heat jars to a simmer (180°F/82°C). Set screw bands aside. Keep jars hot until ready to use.

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We love to have home canned soup on the shelf for those busy nights! When we want soup and we're not feeling so great who wants to make a batch of soup? Anot.

Farm Girl Tails Canning Navy Bean and Ham Soup

In large Dutch oven, melt butter over medium-high heat. Add onions, carrot, and celery and saute for five minutes. Add garlic and saute for thirty seconds. Add 1 and 1/2 quarts chicken stock, beans, ham hocks, parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay leaves, and diced ham. Add a little freshly ground black pepper. Bring to a boil.


Place the rinsed beans and 8 cups of unsalted water in a big pot and bring it to a boil (uncovered) for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and cover. Allow to stand for 1 hour, covered. Pour off the water, add the drained beans to the stock pot along with the chicken/vegetable broth and resume the recipe.

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Navy beans. We're keeping things simple and using canned navy beans for this soup recipe. If you'd rather use dry navy beans, you'll need to soak and cook them first. Try this method. You'll need about 5 cups of cooked beans. Potato. The recipe calls for a russet potato, but you could absolutely substitute another variety, such as red or gold.

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