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13. My Movies

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RunPee: @Homepage3

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Why did Mitch marry Slim? ›

Another customer in the diner was named Mitch Hiller, revealing that the customer had made a bet that he would be able to convince Slim to sleep with him. Soon after, Slim falls in love with and marries Mitch, and they have a child named Gracie (Tessa Allen).

Does slim end up with Joe? ›

When he arrives they fight and Slim beats Mitch unconscious before she eventually knocks him off a balcony to his death. The police regard her actions as self-defense. Slim and Gracie reunite and go to live with Joe in Seattle.

Who does slim end up with in Enough? ›

In the movie's headlong rush of events, Slim and Mitch are soon married, buy a big house, have a cute child, and then Slim discovers Mitch is having affairs, and he growls at her: "I am, and always will be, a person who gets what he wants." He starts slapping her around.

What is the message of the movie Enough? ›

Women who endure abuse are encouraged to get out of the situation. Granted, Enough portrays an extreme example of murderous obsession, but Slim's first response to her husband's abuse is to leave and seek help, and that's good. In this case, Slim's friends rise to the occasion, even risking their own lives to help her.

Does Mitch remarry his ex wife? ›

However after Mitch and the lifeguard team got a distress call during their wedding on the beach, Mitch chose to answer it, regardless that he was about to remarry as he saw it as another opportunity to save a person's life, so Gayle ended up leaving him for good.

Why did Jupiter help slim? ›

Answer: Jupiter

He came to Slim's rescue after Mitch's thugs came and threatened him. Reference: Quiz: "Enough" The Movie.

How much money did Jupiter give Slim? ›

He is unaware of Slim's existence, when she informs him she is his daughter, he doesn't believe them and gives them only $12, thinking they are homeless and just want money. Slim leaves, disheartened with Jupiter, and moves with Gracie to Michigan.

What happens to Mitch in Enough? ›

Mitch is kicked over a balcony by his wife Slim at the end of a fight and sent crashing onto a glass table on the lower floor, killing him on impact.

Who is the little girl Gracie in Enough? ›

Tessa Allen(I)

Tessa is from the Los Angeles area in California. She was born in 1996.

Did JLO cut her hair for Enough? ›

While Slim cuts her hair in order to hide from her abusive husband, Lopez wore a wig. 14. Lopez bonded with her co-star Juliette Lewis while filming, telling E! News, "We had a really great time.

Who is Joe in Enough? ›

Dan Futterman character, as Slim's good-hearted friend Joe, is two-dimensional and here to add some complexity to the Mitch's threats.

Who is Robbie in Enough? ›

Within a few minutes, she meets a suspicious character who shows up with a rose for her, one Robbie (Noah Wyle).

Why was Mitch abusive in Enough? ›

Along with physical violence, Mitch engages in numerous abusive behaviors and scare tactics to maintain power and control Slim. The Power and Control Wheel depicts the abusive behaviors commonly used by batters alongside physical and sexual violence (Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, 1984).

Is the husband in the movie Enough a narcissist? ›

This movie is empowering towards women considering in the end Slim won the fight against her mentally ill husband Mitch. We see Mitch's narcissistic traits and his lack of empathy for others. Mitch will do anything and everything to get what he wants despite how Slim and his daughter are being affected.


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