How To Wear An Eternity Ring – Everything You Need To Know About Eternity Rings 2022 (2023)

Eternity Rings are one of the most prominent and easy to style rings. We at Loose Grown Diamond are going to teach you how to wear an eternity ring in the best way possible.

Diamond Eternity Rings aren’t just limited to wedding or engagement bands but can be worn on several other occasions. The Eternity Band is also one of the best accent pieces one can own.

These rings signify a pure, eternal bond between people. An eternity diamond ring is simply a ring with diamonds all around. There have also been different variations on it, such as a half eternity ring and a mix-match of many other designs.

The Eternity Diamond Band is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Why are these rings called “diamond eternity rings”? It is because the diamonds signify love and the metal circle or ring signifies eternity. Wearing one such ring is considered a compliment to your partner.

Anyway, let’s get straight to the question: how to wear an eternity ring?

How To Wear An Eternity Ring?

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While diamond eternity rings are generally worn on the ring finger, it isn’t just restricted to that. One can wear it on any finger that they feel suits the best. Traditionally, eternal rings accompanied wedding or engagement bands on the ring finger, but due to many variations in the designs of the eternal rings, many brides flaunt the diamond eternity band alone.

This in turn, at times, creates a dilemma and makes other brides ask, “How to wear an eternity ring?” There is no concrete way, but there are some trending styles.

When Do You Get An Eternity Ring?

In a marriage, there are a lot of occasions that are dear to both partners, as well as many things to celebrate. After all, when two people spend their lives together, it’s impossible to not have great and memorable moments. An eternity ring is given to celebrate one of those unforgettable moments, from one partner to the other.

In the early days, an eternity ring was the gift that a partner would usually give to their significant other. It was the amalgamation or a sign to signify an essential milestone in the couple’s marriage. When a partner used to get an eternity ring, it would become one of those moments they would never forget for the rest of their life.

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However, these days, it’s appealing for couples to gift each other an eternity ring even after a year of marriage.

Eternity rings have become one of the ordinary gifts given by one partner to the other or by both of them. Traditionally, it was considered one of the most important gifts given by husbands to their wives.

But these days, it’s not uncommon for an eternity ring to be gifted by either of the partners to their significant other. Often, they get each other an eternity ring of the same type or design.

For example, suppose your partner has an eternity ring. In that case, you might consider getting one for yourself, probably of the same type.

When Do You Give An Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring primarily signifies one of the most important moments of a couple’s married life. It could be given on many occasions, such as their 10th marriage anniversary or perhaps their 25th anniversary.

Some more examples of it would be when couples get the good news that they are going to become parents. It could also be given after the birth of their first child. Many couples also prefer to gift each other an eternity ring when meeting each other after a long time. This is mainly to signify their undying love for each other.

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It’s not uncommon to see couples gifting each other an eternity ring on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc. At this point, it’s only a matter of preference and when you want to surprise your significant other.

Can Eternity Rings Be Used As Engagement Rings?

If you like the traditional ways, we are sure you would want to get an engagement ring with a diamond as the centre stone and propose to your future wife by getting down on one knee. But most people who like to experiment with things to make them more interesting usually combine their eternity ring with their engagement ring.

It is also common among people who go against the traditional way and like to do something that is unique to the general audience. They want to break free from tradition.

Although it has become common for eternity rings to be used and combined with engagement rings. There is a clear distinction between those two.

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The traditional one stone at the center illustrates love and the promise of commitment for each other. On the other hand, an eternity ring is usually gifted to take that idea one step further.

We would like to clarify that there are no right or wrong decisions here. Everything boils down to a matter of preference. This means that if you want to combine an eternity ring with your engagement ring, you can go ahead and do so.

Also, it would be more reasonable to mention that the design of an eternity ring is quite simple. An eternity ring won’t be able to capture that much attention when compared to a traditional diamond ring.

So if you want your engagement ring to grab attention, then an eternity ring won’t be the ideal choice. But suppose you prefer a more elegant and simplistic design. In that case, an eternity ring might just be the perfect choice for you as an engagement ring.

How To Wear Wedding, Engagement, And Eternity Rings Altogether

Some other popular options to carry eternal rings are:

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  1. Wear all 3 bands together, start with the wedding band on the left hand’s ring finger, then the eternal band, and finally the engagement band. Engagement, wedding rings and infinity bands are a great match because of their similar appeal.
  2. Wearing your eternal ring on top of your engagement or wedding band.
  3. Another conventional option to wear your eternity ring is on your right ring finger, with the wedding ring and engagement band on your left.
  4. Try getting creative with your eternal ring, and flaunt it on non-conventional fingers.

Carrying all three rings together might be uncomfortable at times, due to the size/thickness of the band. If this is the case, most women choose to shift their eternity band to their right hand’s fourth finger while maintaining their wedding and engagement rings on their left.

What Is The Difference Between Half And Full Eternity Ring?

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A ring with a consistent circle of crystals is typical of full eternity bands. The call of crystals is considered to represent unending devotion.

A half eternity ring typically has a solid path of stones rather than a constant loop on the head of the band. This is mainly done for convenience. The unbroken line of stones is still considered to represent eternal love.

Both rings can be matched with a varied selection of metals. While many people opt for the conventional full eternity wedding ring, the trend of a half eternity ring is slowly taking over.

Still, the most stunning metal to pair an eternity ring with is platinum. Platinum enhances the color of the diamond and gives it a very monotonic tone.

Essential Tips For Buying Eternal Rings

Eternal Rings are among the trendiest complimentary jewelry pieces. The two most prominent styles are the full eternity ring and the half eternity ring.

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Taste: You should know your significant other’s style and taste beforehand. You want to get them something that they would love to wear.

Size: If full eternity rings are taken up as a buying option, they should be prioritized for the size, as it is impossible to change the size later on. Half eternity rings can be resized but only up to a limit.

Metal: What is the metal that will best suit your partner? That is the metal you want to go with when going to buy the perfect eternity ring.

Trusted Seller: When buying any diamond jewelry or jewelry in general you should make sure your seller is authentic and has all the paperwork which is approved by trusted institutions (GIA or IGI).

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There is no right or wrong with styling eternity rings. One can use it to complement other rings, or can even style it alone. But having a guide helps one get started and brainstorm ideas.

Understanding how to wear eternity ringis a personal observation, and only you can decide what’s suitable for you, but perhaps this has given you a basic framework and you’re ready to take the plunge into some high-end jewelry!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Apart from the question ‘How to wear eternity ring?’, here are some other questions which customers usually tend to ask regarding the same topic.

Where do you put your eternity ring?

An eternity ring can be worn in a variety of ways, so it’s entirely up to you. Among the most typical styles is to place it on your left arm’s ring finger, atop both your marriage and commitment rings. If all of your rings complement each other, this can be extremely beautiful.

Can you wear your eternity ring all the time?

Considering how active our lives are, our hands come into contact with a variety of places and compounds that could damage your diamond ring. Hence, if you are in the habit of daily manual work, it is suggested you do not wear your eternity ring all the time.

What is the purpose of an eternity ring?

According to the customs, it is said that eternity rings signify eternal commitment and love. Eternal rings are now often used as complementary rings to complement engagement or wedding bands.


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